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Canadian and of quality, our PLA filament assures you the best.

Our Story

3D printing can often times be deemed as intimidating, and sometimes is.

Although after experiencing help and the feeling of welcomeness from 3D printing communities across the web, I instantly became an enthusiast.

After years of printing, we wanted to provide the ability to purchase locally manufactured, high quality and affordable filaments.

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Our Mission

We understand the process of tinkering with your printer, designing a model and the anxious feeling before hitting “start” on a print. We believe that the last thing that should hinder you from a successful print is poor quality filament. Our mission is to provide you with high quality filament at an affordable cost.

Who We Are

We are 3D printing enthusiasts. Tired of lackluster filaments hindering our ability to get the best print from our printers, we decided to find a solution. Manufacturing filaments in Canada, with a focus on quality, sustainability and customer support, we aim to give you the absolute best that you deserve from your filament.

What Makes us Different


With sustainability in mind, our filament is made of biodegradable plastic and are on recyclable cardboard spools.

Customer Support

We are always striving to improve and create a better experience for our customers, if you have any input, need assistance or have anything to say please feel free to contact us via email or Discord!


We believe that you should never have to worry about lackluster filament, Clavius3D has your back when it comes to quality and consistency.

Proudly Canadian

All of our filaments are manufactured in the Canada.

Let your creativity run free with our filament

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