Switching up the style from previous events, Clavius3D and r/3DPrinting are excited to bring you a new event!. We noticed that people wanted to participate in previous events but were worried about their modeling skills, so this event is inclusive of everyone!  Another thing that we have noticed within the community, is that we wished that our hobby could be more eco-friendly. Although there are initiatives out there, many are small and need special equipment. So, we came up with an easy to participate in contest to help offset our plastic waste as a group!

No matter if you do, or do not have skills to model a design, you can participate! We hope everyone shares this contest on social media, and we challenge all Makers, Youtubers, Companies, and Schools to get out and make the world a better place with us and our Friends at the brand new company Clavius3D!

Read the rules below!

Check Out The Event!

Trash Cleanup

The goal is to collect as much trash from an outdoor place and submit it onto the r/3dprinting subreddit. In order to win a year’s worth of filament, your goal should be to collect as much trash as possible, while being safe. The winner is the person who has the biggest cleanup. We would love to see before and after pictures alongside your collection of trash.

This is hopefully going to be a fun bit of community action for us all, and anyone here can participate in this contest for a big prize regardless of modeling skill.

There are many great projects to recycle plastic into filament in our hobby, but very few have had broad acceptance as they require special devices to recycle the materials. We thought that it would be nice to cut out the middleman, and encourage everyone here to go to a local park, beach, trail, or any other place that is SAFE AND PUBLIC to collect as much garbage as you can. If possible, please take the stuff you find to a recycling center, but the primary goal is to get the trash out of the environment directly. Clavius3D and the Mod team take no responsibility if you get hurt doing this, so if you participate you do so at your own risk and please practice safety. Choose locations that you would like to enjoy a day in the great outdoors in, BRING SOME FRIENDS AND ENJOY!

We will be pinning some cool trash piles and trying to work out how many rolls of filament you offset. Well known celebrities in the hobby and organizations are welcome to participate as a company, but we will likely not award a prize to them since they won’t really benefit from that. Instead, we will pin those posts up to show off that you care as a group. We also hear it’s great publicity ;). If you are in this category, you should reach out before doing anything.

Design Contest

Are you not able to collect trash? You can still participate!

Even if you are not able to collect trash, we still want to encourage repurposing/recycling within our hobby!

This competition is for the best eco-friendly related 3D printing project!

We will let your creativity run free within the design contest, design and print a model that allows you to repurpose an item, a print that helps you do something eco-friendly. As long as it is related to the theme of the contest, it is valid. Do not be afraid to print and show off your models!

Who is Clavius3D?

As 3D printing enthusiasts ourselves, I understand the process of tinkering with your printer, designing a model and the anxious feeling before hitting “start” on a print. I believe that in the process of creating things, the last thing that should hold you back is lackluster filament. Feeling this, I want to provide high-quality, consistent filament at an affordable price. While a focus on quality and consistency is a cornerstone of our company, we understand that 3D printing is a creative space, and we want to encourage and reflect that within our company. We plan to reflect this with constantly innovating our filament itself and reward and encourage creative creators within 3D printing communities (this one, our own social channels, etc).

Furthermore in eCommerce nowadays, I believe that the process of purchasing something is quite impersonal and detached. Albeit, for some things (ie. toothpaste), there is no need for personability and community, but that is not the case for 3D printing. Inspired by a local billiards place near me and this community, I believe that exceptional customer support and a sense of personability makes the experience of shopping better. Via our own Discord, or other groups we want to always provide this feeling, and feel it is our responsibility to provide to those in the community.

We are manufacturing filaments in Canada, and sourcing materials exclusively from North America in order to cut our carbon footprint, alongside using cardboard spools. We are very close to the border, so providing quality filaments to our American friends without delay is a non-issue. We take great pride in manufacturing filaments in North America. The ability to oversee production provides us confidence in our quality and standards.

Social Media

What Are The Prizes?

Prizes will vary and would be in a competition format. This event will go on for a month. You can only win once for this contest. First place is exclusive to the largest collection of trash, while any other prize anyone can win!

1st Place:
The biggest collection of trash at the end of the month will win a YEAR’s worth of filament! One spool a month, for one year.

2nd & 3rd Place:
Second and third place winners can be either for a collection of trash, or their design/model. The winners will win a free subscription box, which includes 2 rolls of 1kg pla filament, random swag and a link to the communities monthly print. You can learn more here.

Prizes For Anyone Who Participates:
–   5 participants, either trash or design will receive a free spool of 1KG PLA Filament

–   Every participant will receive a 10% coupon off on any PLA 1kg spool from Clavius3D shop

How will winners be chosen and when?

You must use the flair “Contest Entry” when posting to participate, otherwise your post may not be accounted for.

First place winner will be chosen on July 19th, the mods will sort through the post and determine which collection of trash is the winner.

Second and third place winners will be determined by the community. At the end of the contest, the mods will choose 5-10 stand-out designs and or collections of trash and create a poll. The top 2 will be determined winners.

Throughout the month, prints/collections of trash will be chosen to receive a free spool of PLA filament. 5 participants will be chosen throughout to receive a spool of 1KG PLA filament, of their choice.

Every Participant will receive a discount code for PLA filament, 10% off any PLA filament from Clavius3D’s site. They will be distributed via PM, you will receive your code typically an hour after you post.

All winners of physical prizes will be officially announced at the end of the month.

If you cannot participate for whatever reason, do not worry. Clavius3D plans to keep doing events with our community with different themes. Just follow our socials to keep an eye out!

How Do I Submit?

Take a picture of your 3D print or collected trash, upload it to this subreddit and be sure to use the flair “Contest Entry”. If you do not use the flair, your post may not be included or seen by the competition organizers, so be sure to do so!

Every participant will be messaged their code typically an hour after the post., and winners will be contacted either at the end of the month or throughout, depending on the prize. Winners will be announced in the post detailing the event at the end of the month!

What Are The Rules?

– You can only win once. Discount codes do not count towards winning, if you received a discount code, this does NOT void you from winning a physical prize.

– Your entry for your trash clean up should only be one post. If you decide to clean up trash over multiple days, please submit one post after you have finished up your cleanup. You are limited to one trash entry, if you decide to further clean up trash, and would like to repost, contact the mods for more information.

– You can submit as many design entries as you would like, although only you can only win once.

– Shipping to winners in Canada and the U.S.A is free. If you live outside the U.S.A or Canada, you MAY have to handle shipping costs. If you are looking to participate and live outside Canada and the U.S.A, please be aware of this.

– To win a roll of filament from the comments, your account must be over 30 days old.

– Winners will be chosen on July 22nd, there will be a post announcing the winners and the end result of the contest. Submit ALL entries before July 22nd.

– Your trash collection / design should be done for the event.

– Clavius3D and the mod team reserve the right to redraw winners for any reason, including but not limited to, suspected cheating, delivery issues and more.

– Participant winners will be chosen by the mods, at random or by the community. Clavius3D will not select winners by choice.

– Clavius3D has the right to revise, add or delete any terms of the contest.


We are excited to bring you this contest, and hopefully will do many more. We are excited for your entries! If you have any questions you can always reach out via Reddit, or contact the moderators.

You can find the post here.

Looking forward to your submissions!